Dec 12

xApp Studio App Builder

For a recent project (Thai Quiz) i decided to use a new mobile app studio on the market – xApp Studio ( Still in the early stage as it seems but never the less seemingly more customizable than any other app builder i have seen so far (like shoutem e.g.). The app was designed to be only a web app where as xApp also can do hybrid and native apps. My biggest concern was how to get my data connected and how to customize design and the quiz logic. After getting in contact with the developer there were kindly enough to help me out on understanding how to work with custom js code (incl. js debugger!) to extend my mobile web apps logic. The documentation is still in the making so i was very fortunate to be guided through the project by the developer. Once understanding how to implement my custom logic the rest was fairly easy.

May 12

Signed Requests between PHP and JAVA

It does obviously work since some web portals/Services APIs work on signed request/response models with Java running at server side and all kinds of different clients in JavaScript, PHP, … Does that mean that an implementation like: will work for you when setting up a signed request/response model using private keys to sign – public keys to verify the messages … NO it does not. More…

Feb 12

Flickr to WP and Nivo slider Mashup

You have a Flickr account and a WP Page? Why not bring the two together? There are, i guess, already tons of plugins in the WP plugin repository when looking for Flickr plugins. Usually you find something that is close to what you are looking for and if you are lucky the plugin may even work properly. im not a big fan of using others people plugins. My intention was to build a quick WP shortcode operated function that would display selected photos from a Flickr gallery in a Nivo Slider – all at the same Dimension, pre-cropped by PHP for a perfect banner slideshow. More…

Jan 12

WordPress + Facebook + DISQUS Mashup Deluxe

Comment Systems play a more and more vital part in social media experience. Since google announced to also index the most common commenting systems some new players appeared on the block. So which comment system to pick? It largely depends on the application you build, but if you are looking for a solution with many social media features -DISQUS may be the one you should be looking at. What if you would like to make a service only based on a commenting system as in saying all content of my website will be user generated! DISQUS is the one to go for … here is why:


Dec 11

PHP/XML based staging script

There are many software clients that let you sync content from your local environment to a remote server via (s)ftp but what to do if you have a multiple remote environments/server in form of a test/staging server in and live productive server. In this case you could of course upload your changes first to the test server and then do the same to the productive server. That of course has a major disadvantage since you may have made local changes which are not reflected/tested before syncing the two. Suppose you have others testing the application on the test server you are bound to not change anything while in test modus. So if you dont use any sort of cvs/svn system the only reliable way must be to sync the approved changes from the test server to the productive server while you can still locally develop further.


Oct 11

MySQL Backups – 7-zip protected AES 256 Bit encrypted

Making MySql Backups is a crucial thing and should be done automatically by some routine rather then people doing it by hand. Doing the backup is one thing – securing it is another. Here is a way to dump a database and zip it password protected with 7-zip (


Oct 11

WP SimpleDesign multi instance Amazon S3 Player Tweak

The iSimpleDesign Amazon S3 Player lets you access your S3 Account to playback your .mp3 files with the AS3 Flash Dewplayer. See ( for more. All you need to do is enter your credentials in the plugin properties in the backend and you are good to go … But!


Oct 11

Get bookmarks from PDF with PHP

Splitting a PDF according to its Table of Content (Bookmarks) with PHP

by using the linux lib you can use the following command to write a bookmark structure from a PDF to a .txt file


Oct 11

Process audio with PHP and Sox

You want to mix/merge/edit audio file only with php on-the-fly? export your mix to mp3 … thinks its not possible? Well it is!

This will only work on Linux as you need the sOx Soundexchange Library and Lame Make sure you have the right versions for your environment installed as the wrong setup will not be stable. For installation – see installation guides on the project websites. Once you have everything up and running you should specify your needs and create a runtime routine for rendering audio on-the-fly.

Sep 11

PHP DOM XML to Array

What is the fastest way to parse a XML string into a equivalent valid Array representation?

I have seen quite some efforts on different blogs and the comments on in some of the functions suggest some valid approaches. The problem with most approaches though, i find, is the lack of xml testing before passing it to the function to transform the xml to array. When you want to make sure you have a valid XML string the PHP DOMDocument class and its sub classes provide everything for iteration through its childs, to saving string presentations to file and so on. On top DOM perfectly validates XML strings when passed into the loading methods of the class. Also i believe any approach using DOM rather then handling the XML string with regex or whatever should be much faster and safer to rely on.

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