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Business card tool for CMS Hasche Sigle via Nordisk Design Büro, Frankfurt. The tool is a online on-demand designing and printing tool for business cards. Cards content can be manipulated by the user and rendered live on-the-fly as hi-res PDF for print purpose. On completing the order, the print data, including original .eps and rendered .pdf file are send to the print plant for automatic printing. Manipulating of card data is done directly by editing and rewriting the PostScript Code of a master template. The rendering then is handled by Ghostscript via PHP to Linux shell command.

The backend contains a full order management and a editor to create new cards by uploading .eps master templates which are used to extract the variable placeholders inside to generate the content forms on the frontend. No external libraries besides Ghostscript and ImageMagick is needed. The tool does not make use of PDFlib, Adobe Indesign Server or any other 3rd Party Library/Software. Postscript manipulation is done by heavy text/regex functions and is tested with various charsets (chinese, hebrew, .. and very difficult languages are very problematic though). The core can even control the kerning of different fonts and is able to reproduce Abobes dynamic/graphic kerning algorithm with the help of custom kerning maps (PDFlib for example is incapable of that and can only do static/standard kerning). Placeholders can be grouped, shifted and content can float according to contents length automatically. The form maker in the backend gives options to set validation patterns for input text, comments, make mandatory, max chars and many more – full flexibility. The applications has proven to be stable and so far there has not been a single complaint from the print press. Not even a proof is needed anymore.


Technology: PHP, MySQL, JS/HTML/CSS, GhostScript/ImageMagick

Client: Nordisk Büro