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Digital asset management software for CMS Hasche sigle via Nordisk Büro. Scalable module based system for management of assets and CI related content featuring a custom backend content management system with action/history log, role based accounts, statistics and many more features. The frontend features a fully equipped stock image pool with possibilities to filter, search, download, lightbox, zip and share images amongst user user. a publication management with order system, ci template/file management. The highlight is a digital representation on the companies visual guidelines – a more then hundres pages long pdf. Each chapter, subchapter … can be edited in the backend individually a version system keeps track of changes and notifies user on change – if user has downloaded that chapter. The pdfs are merged/rendered on the backend on-the-fly with Ghostscript so that users always download the latest versions.

The system is build with PHP/MySQL and uses extensive JS functionality on the frontend based on jQuery, e.g. modal dialogs, ajax queries, ui widgets, .. .


Technology: PHP, MySQL, JS/HTML/CSS, AJAX, GhostScript/ImageMagick

Client: Nordisk Büro