Die nie vollendete – Audio engine

Posted under: Web Applications

Programming of PHP based audio engine for rendering audio loops/phrases into whole compositions via Linux SOX/FFMPEG Libary. User could construct a composition via a Flash UI frontend in form of a drap & drop sequencer. Compositions could be saved as a whole and where presented on the website as a continuous compostions of days – playing on after another. On save the multi track loops where rendered via the SOX sound exchange Linux Lib and bounced to a final song, encoded via FFMPEG and saved. A PHP system deamon was watching for new compositions and processed each new rendering process asynchron. A cascading workflow has been implemented for bouncing loops into segments, segments into regions and regions into a final track, including volume and sync control/optimization.

The project has ceased by now and was intend to run only for a limited period.

Technology: PHP, SOX, FFMPEG, Linux

Client: Jung von Matt