Sensory Minds – Cockpit

Posted under: APIs, Backend Applications

Still in beta mode to be ported to the mobile world as iOS App, the HD Plus Cockpit or EPG is a tv program finder that is feed by over 1000 channels of tv program in xml format. The cockpit API and Backend Applications grabs the tv program XML feeds to be stored in a fast cacheable database. The XML crawler has to deal with 4-5 MB of XML data which required optimization to keep the average load down. The JSON RPC 2.0 API serving data to the frontend has been realized with my newest development the XAPP PHP RAF Rapid Application Framework – TBA. Currently in process of rolling out a Apple Push Notification service for the applications that will be capable of sending millions of push notifications a day with heavy benchmarking and PHP Code optimization.


Technology: PHP, XAPP PHP Framework, MySQL

Client: Sensory Minds