Sensory Minds – Social Api Bridge

Posted under: Web Applications

The SAPI social api bridge, purely based on php without the support of any database, serves as a bridge between any application and social media plattforms. The bridge fetches social media relevant data through their API from various plattforms, caches the results optional either into memcache or text files and serves the data filtered to the calling application on http request. Each social media provider and its API calls are managed via .yaml configuration files with are inheritable. The applications can be installed anywhere and needs only PHP, Curl, Soap, XML/RPC to run. The Bridge can recieve data from the social media plattforms in form of JSON or XML and can serve data as well in JSON or XML.

Due to the different ways on how the different social media plattforms work and return data each call and its return must be re-factored individually. Looking at some plattforms you can really wonder what the programmers where thinking when rolling out the public APIs. In that regard Facebook until yet has the worst performance of all returning strange errors at times. The most stable and fastest seems to be the YouTube API. The build-in caching systems will prevent that any errors are returned to the application.



Client: Sensory Minds