One of the most important challenges is the right choice of software components when building it-architectures. Development cycles are much shorter nowadays. Selecting the right mix of open source and proprietary system bricks is the key factor for success of a web/app project. To translate the abstract needs into concrete system requirements and selecting the right technologies and tools considering all available options is what i besides programming offer as a service:

  1. 1System design / architectures for web/app projects as a service
  2. 2Designing and implementing projects workflows (PM, Repo, CI, deploy, QA)
  3. 3Server infrastructure design / implementation with Docker swarm
  4. 3Writing of technical documentation / whitepapers
  5. 4Use case / User story visualisation and (UI) prototyping
  6. 5feasibility study / Analysis and market comparison


Please consult me if you need a quote for any of the above offers.