Patternlab pattern-driven user interfaces

  1. 1Prototyping
  2. 2CI platforms/server
  3. 3UI Designs
  4. 4Frontend/E-Mail Templating
  5. 5Complex UI/Design inheritance


I started working with atomic design principles and about two years ago while working for a client project that needed numerous vendor specific ui/template variants. With i was able to reduce redundancy and introduce pattern design structures that ensured longer project life and cycles as compared to alternative approaches. My next project was a complete e-mail templating “studio” solutions that would include html/txt templates, automated litmus tests, exports, API, and a node mail server. Instead of using a e-mail template designer platform or software, the templating is made on Patternlab following the atom, element, template pattern approach where in the end every new template that is required is based on previously designed and tested blocks. To top it off the patternlab node instance sports a custom API that enables sending placeholder values to be replaced in a template and send to e-mail recipients via node SMTP server.

You may want to also check out my blog post “E-mail templating deluxe” that shows the advantages of working with patternlab for e-mail marketing

Contact me if you need a prototyping or (e-mail) templating expert.