xapp PHP Application Toolkit (beta)

xapp is my answer to a lightweight headless application toolkit  that can be used with only components needed as to the projects need. Traditional CMS platforms or frameworks come loaded with code and and work on the basis of MVC´s patterns. But if you only need a backendless application layer? Or what if you have a multi-client application and and already existing CMS behind and you need to abstract the application logic and/or controller logic into a CMS depended layer. xapp is my answer – and that is mainly because its comes with versatile JSON exchange data handling capabilities for all those scenarios. And since its module based and managed by composer you can just install the components you need – fast, lightweight and secure.

All xapp features:

  1. 1 Composer package/module based PHP lightweight rapid development tool kit
  2. 2 Database engine independent ORM package
  3. 3 PHP application bootstrapping capabilities
  4. 4 Powerful options, environment and configuration routines
  5. 5 Deep logging and debugging capabilities
  6. 6 Fastest and most reliable JSON RPC server/gateway implementation
  7. 7 Most sophisticated JSON path/query implementation on the market


Probably the biggest assest are xapp´s JSON data handling features which contain JSON store/path/query and mapper classes as well as a JSON RPC server/gateway package that complies to all JSON RPC standards. The JSON RPC module is loaded with features:

xapp JSON RPC features:

  1. 1Fastest and securest JSON RPC 2.0/1.1/jsonp server implementation on the market
  2. 2Dojo style SMD service mapping description capabilities
  3. 3Single or batched rpc requests
  4. 4Service over GET and additional parameters
  5. 5Authentication / IP based client restrictions
  6. 6Signed requests with callbacks
  7. 7Customizable request (parameter) validation
  8. 8Service caching and caching by transaction id
  9. 9Response mapping by JSON query/path (cascadable)
  10. 10Request/response parameter piping for batched requests
  11. 11Event chain, hooks and interfaces for customization
  12. 12Dojo client support
  13. 13JSON REST (tbd soon)


I am specialised in PHP API development with xapp. We are still beta and recently went public only. The todo list still includes full documentation, unit testing and package updates. We are working hard for the next release including the most important todos.

Contact me if you need a high performance API layer in your project.