Some of my recent project or start-ups i am involved in as developer and / or founder:

Digitale Helden is an educational platform dedicated to internet safety and security for parents and kids alike. Due to a former connection with the organisational team i jumped on board as a maintaining wordpress developer responsible for plugin/theme extensions. Future plans and currently in roll-out include an e-learning platform also based on wordpress in which i will be part of the core developing team

Fugu – live soccer guide

Fugu is a online soccer live guide portal that has been around since quit some while. This year we gave it a new look and a major new upgrade on functionality that lives entirely on html(5)/css(3) and twitter bootstrap css framework. The frontend is fully responsive and adjusts to 4 breakpoints for large screen, tablets, mobiles (small/large) making the old web app for the platform obsolete. The backend is still based on a custom php framework that i created ten years ago

MYSALA Coworking Granada

From a shared office to a public coworking business … thats basically the story behind MYSALA even though there is much more to tell. Being one of the first coworking places to open in Granada and the only one residing in the very heart of Granada. We accommodate 6-8 individual desks on 120 sqm

Roadjunkyguides – Travel guide

Roadjunkyguides is a true love job – based on the idea that only real travelers can provide content for a off-the-beaten-track guide. The usual online and print guides are based on the knowledge of a few or only see a certain side of a country/place for example. Many printed guides are also outdated in the moment they are released since the small but valuable tips/tricks may not be valid anymore. As seen in the Lonely Planet scandal you can not even trust editors since many of them will write on the basis of hearsay and third party information.

MYSALA Social Club

Since long time it has been a dream to find a place to a) work and b) occasionally host and do events of various types. In its form it could be called a project place or creative hub because in daytime freelancers of different disciplines work side by side – after work the place changes into a creative space where a lot of different events are hosted. The place has about 120 sqm and has two rooms of 60 and 40 sqm. All the furniture is compact and movable in order to rapidly change according to the need the rooms have to provide. Since its opening in October 2011, we hosted over 15 different events already.