Fugu – live soccer guide

FUGU – Live Soccer Guide

Type: Portal/Guide
Founded: 2004

Fugu is a online soccer live guide/portal that has been around since quit some while. This year we gave it a new look and a major new upgrade on functionality that lives entirely on html(5)/css(3) and twitter bootstrap css framework. The frontend is fully responsive and adjusts to 4 breakpoints for large screen, tablets, mobiles (small/large) making the old web app for the platform obsolete. The backend is still based on a custom php framework that i created a good eight years ago. Besides minor rework / new add-ons and new modules nothing has been changed so far. The greatest challenge was to implement a custom ad server module for google responsive ads. Ads can be plugged in in various ad slots in the page and can be customized each according to its slot and responsive breakpoint. That way ads can be set to “auto” mode (google adsense will figure out the optimal display dimension) or “custom” mode passing custom properties to the add slot.

Relaunching the site has been another great opportunity to improve my twitter bootstrap/css skills and remains a active projects peaking at 50.000 visitors during important games.