Roadjunkyguides – Travel guide

Roadjunkyguides – Travel guide

Type: Travel guide
Founded: 2012
Website: no longer exists

Roadjunkyguides is a true love job – based on the idea that only real travelers can provide content for a off-the-beaten-track guide. The usual online and print guides are based on the knowledge of a few or only see a certain side of a country/place for example. Many printed guides are also outdated in the moment they are released since the small but valuable tips/tricks may not be valid anymore. As seen in the Lonely Planet scandal you can not even trust editors since many of them will write on the basis of hearsay and third party information.

The idea behind Roadjunkyguides is simple as is: let the travelers write their own guidebook. To seed quality content moderators will pick valuable posts for the editors pick section so the quality content can be aggregated to a downloadable guide later on. The Roadjunky network has been around for years and has a large group of followers. With Roadjunkguides we hope to bridge the gap between informational travel websites and user generated travel content.

The webpage has been set up in WP. The template used is 100% custom made as the many function/plugins used. The heart of the website is the DISQUS commenting system which does not work as a usual blog comment system, but as the actual post/content. The website makes heavy use of the DISQUS API and a custom written wp/dsq plugin takes care of the syncing between the two. A DISQUS widget has been created to be computable as a facebook canvas app so a comment/content thread can be used inside facebook to harvest content. In due time the plan is to roll out distributable widgets, so users can plug a widget into their website to show latest entries and even post directly from there. Coding the website and DISQUS functionality has been real fun. See more about the technology used here: WordPress + Facebook + DISQUS mashup deluxe